VHSE Trial Allotment 2023 Published / Check vhscap.kerala.gov.in Allotment

VHSE Trial Allotment 2023 - Check Allotment at vhscap.kerala.gov.in, VHSE Trial Allotment 2023, VHSCAP +1 Trial Allotment Result Published, NSQF Trial Allotment, VHSE Plus One Trial...
VHSE Trial Allotment - Check vhscap.kerala.gov.in allotment

VHSE Trial Allotment 2023 - Check Allotment at vhscap.kerala.gov.in, VHSE Trial Allotment 2023, VHSCAP +1 Trial Allotment Result Published, NSQF Trial Allotment, VHSE Plus One Trial Allotment 2023, VHSE Allotment result, VHSE +1 trial allotment 2023, Plus One Allotment, Allotment List, VHSE +1 Allotment 2023, VHSE Ekajalakam +1 trial allotment 2023 Result, VHSCAP +1 Allotment

VHSE Trial Allotment 2023 will be declared on June 13 at VHSCAP Site (Ekajalakam): Kerala Vocational Higher Secondary (VHSE) First Year Admission 2023 / NSQF Admission 2023 Single Window (Ekajalakam) VHSCAP Trial Allotment Result 2023 scheduled to be published on 13.06.2023. All applied students must check their application vhse trial allotment status at www.vhscap.kerala.gov.in by login using the Candidate Login information. After the declaration of the VHSE trial allotment 2023 candidate cannot satisfy the allotment status they can modify their options / correct application data by using the correction form. Candidates can modify their options through VHSCAP Single Window System within the secified date. Date and other details are available at vhscap site.

VHSE Trial Allotment 2023 - VHSCAP Allotment Result

Latest News : VHSE Trial Allotment 13.6.2023 Published.

ട്രയൽ അലോട്ട്മെന്റ് റിസൾട്ട് പ്രസിദ്ധീകരിച്ചു. അപേക്ഷയിൽ തിരുത്തലുകൾ ആവശ്യമുള്ളവർ 15-06-2023 വൈകുന്നേരം 5.00 മണിക്ക് മുൻപായി തിരുത്തലുകൾ വരുത്തി കൺഫർമേഷൻ ചെയ്യേണ്ടതാണ്.

How to Check VHSE Trial Allotment 2023?

The candidates who applied for VHSE Plus One admission 2023-24 can check their trial allotment online by the following steps:

Steps to view VHSE Trial Allotment 2023

1. Visit the Kerala VHSE single window web site www.vhscap.kerala.gov.in

2. Click on the link "Trial Allotment Results"

3. Go to the site www.vhseportal.kerala.gov.in/login

3. Enter the User Name and Password

4. click on Login Button

5. Check the Trial Allotment Result now.

Check VHSE Trial Allotment 2023 - VHSCAP Allotment

Kerala VHSE Single Window (SWS) Admission 2023-24 Ekajalakam VHSE trial allotment 2023 will be published on the basis of the options / subject combinations registered by the candidates and the mark of the candidate.

VHSE trial Allotment does not guarantee that the candidate will get allotment as they opted, but it give an idea about the chances of getting allotment to a subject and school based on options exercised along with the application form and the rank of the candidate.

VHSE Allotment Options Registration / Correction

After publishing the VHSE trial allotment 2023, the candidates will get a chance to modify their current options or add a new options. VHSE Correction / Option modification will be available at www.vhscap.kerala.gov.in. Candidates can modify their options by using the login information at VHSCAP site. Based on this modification VHSCAP will publish the First Allotment Result 2023.

VHSE Trial Allotment Result 2023 - www.vhscap.kerala.gov.in

VHSE Trial Allotment 2023

Plus One Trial Allotment 2023

Kerala VHSE First Allotment Result 2023

Kerala VHSE First allotment will be published soon after the modification at VHSCAP site. The first Allotment Result 2023 will be declared on the basis of options registered by the candidates. Based on the first allotment candidates must take the admission at allotted VHSE school.

Check VHSE Trial Allotment - www.vhscap.kerala.gov.in

VHSE Admission Allotment Dates 2023

Organization Name
Kerala Vocational Higher Secondary Plus One Admission 2023-20
Admission Type
Vocational Higher secondary Centralised Allotment Admission / Single Window System (Ekajalakam)
Academic Year
Selection Procedure
Merit Seats
VHSE 2023 Date Schedule
VHSE Admission 2023 Online Application Start Date
Last Date for VHSE Admission
VHSE Trial allotment 2023 Date
VHSE First allotment 2023 Date
VHSE classes start date
July, 2023
VHSE Admission and Allotment site

VHSCAP Allotment and VHSE Admission 2023

After the completion of VHSCAP single window online registration the allotment process starts from August 2023. Based on the score of SSLC exam and options filled by the candidate the VHSCAP will be published the trial allotment at www.vhscap.kerala.gov.in.

Candidates can check the trial allotment status at VHSCAP site and this trial allotment will give an idea about the chances of getting admission in VHSE school based on the options filled by the candidates as the first preference. After the trial allotment candidates can change their options for first allotment. The first allotment and plus one admission based on the first allotment expected to be starts on June 3rd week, 2023. The remaining vacant seat admission is done through second, third and supplementary allotment through VHSCAP single window system.

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When wil publish VHSE Trial Allotment 2023?

VHSE Trial Allotment will be published on June 13, 2023.

How can I check VHSE Trial Allotment?

Candidates can check VHSE trial allotment at www.vhscap.kerala.gov.in by using the Candidate login data.